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From the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fan Club Video Interviews:

Jason: “The girls…they’re really cool. They’re both beautiful women…and every so often they get into trouble, they guys at school will say, ‘Oh she’s cute,’ and Kimberly will be like ‘Hey, he’s bugging me!’ And then you gotta do the big brother thing, and be like ‘Hey, she’s cool. but she’s got a boyfriend!’ but she doesn’t.”

Hehehe I like how Jason disregards Tommy as her boyfriend in this, even though this was clearly filmed around the beginning of Season Two, since Zack has his dreadlocks and Jason has his earring. hehehe.

Kimberly: “Jason’s like a big brother. I feel, like, safe and secure with Jason.

Sa—same with Tommy, too.”

Had to catch yourself there, didn’t ya?!

She just said sweet things about Zack and Billy, but Jason…

For those who will argue they both used the “big brother” terminology, yes, I know, and I DON’T CARE! THIS SHIP HAS LEFT PORT FOR THE WORLD TOUR

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